Citrus Honey Salad with Grapefruit & Oroblanco

salad1Rogue Blogger! You heard me. I’m blogging from campus instead of doing readings or grading papers. I guess you could call me a snackademic.

Perhaps one of you knows the truth behind this claim: my coworkers tell me that in France, exposure to sunlight is protected by law. In other words, if I lived in France, I would have a legal right to sunlight exposure at some point in my work day. This definitely requires further inquiry. What do they do when it’s cloudy out? Heh.. I have a feeling this tale grew out of a vague law about windows in workplaces. Just a guess.

fruitsLocked up in a window-deprived block of cubicles, a place I swore I’d never end up, I can’t help dreaming of a citrusy salad I made last week. Russo’s was selling these crazy citrus fruits called oroblancos. After some web browsing, I think I can conclude that the oroblanco is a cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit; in taste, like a grapefruit without the bitterness.

pomelopeeledFalse advertising, I’d say. My oroblanco was tasty, but way more bitter than the grapefruit, even after I removed the sour-tasting piths. It did me well in the salad, though. Mixed with honey and grapefruit juice, it was so refreshing on a snowy day.

toastedchoppedI segmented the citrus over a bowl, reserving the wedges and saving the juice to make a dressing. After adding some fresh basil, local raw honey, and strong herbal olive oil, I was on the way to a great salad. I tossed the dressing with some mixed greens and topped it with the citrus segments and toasted, chopped almonds.

dressingI can see this working with any citrus, just about (maybe not lemons or limes, though), any nut topping, and perhaps some feta or bleu cheese crumbles for finishing.

Citrus Honey Salad with Grapefruit & Oroblanco
Serves 2

1 grapefruit
1 oroblanco
(¾ cup reserved juices)
1-2 Tablespoons honey
5 fresh basil leaves, julienned, or ¼ teaspoon dry basil
¼ cup olive oil, (I used a dark, herb-infused variety that the Roomz gave me)
4-6 cups mixed greens or spinach
¼ cup toasted almonds, roughly chopped
Salt & freshly-ground pepper

1. Segment the citrus. Slice off top and bottom of peel, cutting to the flesh. Rest flat on cutting board, then use a paring knife to shave off the sides. Make sure to cut just to the flesh, removing the white pith but not wasting too much of the inside. When peels are removed. Hold citrus over a bowl and use paring knife to cut between membranes. Reserve removed wedges. Squeeze out remaining fruit carcass (sorry about the terminology), reserving ¾ cup juice and tossing the remains of the fruit.

2. Add basil and honey to the citrus, whisking to combine. Taste test after 1 Tablespoon of honey, checking for desired sweetness (I added it all).

3. Pour mixture into measuring cup, then whisk in olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

4. Meanwhile, toast almonds. Once cool, chop roughly.

5. Toss greens in dressing, assemble on two plates, covering each salad with citrus wedges, almonds, more salt and pepper, and optional cheese crumbles.

Well, kids, have any of you encountered the oroblanco? If so, what was your experience?


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