Boston Food Truck Throwdown

Hi kids! No recipes today (and that means no work for you). Just sit back and check out these photos from a day out in Boston.

nuchasSaturday there was a Food Truck Throwdown on the Greenway in Boston. Nine trucks came from New York and nine represented ye olde Boston towne. There was voting, but I was too preoccupied with eating to worry about winners.

tree linedOn the way, we passed tree-lined streets.

ker and bryHistoric sites.

Practicing ninja moves for these long lines. Elbows out.

Practicing ninja moves for these long lines. Elbows out.



The lines were extraordinarily long, but moved surprisingly quickly. First stop: empanadas as Nuchas.

Baked empanada with Maker's Mark pork, etc., etc., and a rosemary crust.

Baked empanada with Maker’s Mark pork, etc., etc., and a rosemary crust.

Not like home, but still tasty.

bonmeThen, Bon Me, a Vietnamese sandwich truck. This was at the top of my list, as my love for Vietnamese sandwiches began at home in downtown Houston at this little joint called Les Givral’s, where we used to get absurdly inexpensive baguette-sized sandwiches.

le sandwichHere’s an anecdote of my embarrassing display of ethnocentricism for you: last year, I was talking about Vietnamese sandwiches with le fiancé and he asked, “What are these sandwiches actually called?” I said, “Vietnamese sandwiches.” He said, “No, no, I mean what are they called like–at Vietnamese restaurants?” Me: “Oh! It’s just called ‘Vietnamese sandwich.’” You should have seen my man’s face. As it turns out, shockingly, they are actually called “Bánh mì,” and hence the name of the food truck. Folks, think before you speak. -_-

Bánh mì can have all sorts of fillings, but in my experience, the main components are:
– Delicious crusty bread (resembles a French baguette, but a little like a bolillo, too)
– Pickled vegetables, like carrots and daikon.
– Fresh cucumber slices.
– Sliced fresh jalapenos (not for namby-pambies)
– Fresh cilantro (stalks and leaves)
– Sometimes, a smear of paté
– A protein (chicken, pork, tofu, etc.)

bitesYou can see why they’re so refreshing.

all the trucksOf course, thinking of Shorty’s, my brain was going a hundred miles a minute, calculating gas costs, food costs, insurance costs, and trying to figure out how the trucks run on generators, and how many sinks they have, and where the grease goes…

greenwayEventually, though, we just relaxed in middle of town. Along with a lot of other sleepy Bostonians. Or maybe we were just in a food coma.

monstahThere was something primal about these cookies.

Warm salted caramel cookies with turtle ice cream. @_@

Warm salted caramel cookies with turtle ice cream. @_@

Come closer.

Come closer.

No, closer.

No, closer.

On the way back, we passed the site of the Boston Massacre.

Old and new. A city that heals!

Old and new. A city that heals!

So lucky to have spent two years here. 🙂

The recipes will return when finals end. (!)


  1. Rhonda Dube · · Reply

    Your so cute, my darling. Love Love

  2. Looks like a great day. I hope to visit Boston again very soon. Don’t worry, you’ll be graduated by then.

    1. Are you really visiting! Tell me when–I’m so excited.

      1. No. date set. I enjoyed it so much last year, I want to bring Dale. You will probably be back in Texas by then.

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