Monthly Archives: June 2013

Asian Noodle Stir Fry

This is something I still haven’t totally figured out–I keep cooking things and preparing a blog post only to find out the next morning that everyone in the food world was one step ahead of me. The kale thing I get–that has been “trending” for a while. But when I came home from Russo’s with […]

White Wine Ginger Sangria

Lately I haven’t been that fun to live with. Maybe it’s the residual stress of finishing grad school or my anxiousness about the impending move across the country. Or just the fact that I’m in yet another transitional period. These transition times are always the most exciting in retrospect, but at the time, you sort […]

Kale Salad, because everyone is doing it

I’m never going to sleep again. First it was Lovecraft–now it’s Mermaids: The New Evidence. There’s something disturbing about pseudo documentaries, especially when they come at you in a marathon. The tone, the farce carried on for so long, just the thought that there are things down there we don’t know about. It’s creepy. Don’t […]