White Wine Ginger Sangria

labelLately I haven’t been that fun to live with. Maybe it’s the residual stress of finishing grad school or my anxiousness about the impending move across the country. Or just the fact that I’m in yet another transitional period.

These transition times are always the most exciting in retrospect, but at the time, you sort of feel like a grown up lame-o with no obvious career prospects. I decided after my last year-long adventure–that included teaching high schoolers in Houston, getting into law school, going to Belfast to cook instead, and then ending up in Boston of all places–that the next time I ended up in a transitional phase I would embrace it.

oranges 2Still, the sudden shift from packed, stress filled, overscheduled days to this nebulous alternating between roaming Boston, training in a local kitchen, and trying to establish an actual career have made me a tad…touchy. Any simple question at the wrong moment might turn me into a jaded fourteen-year-old, and, while we do pretend I’m the grumpy teenager of our household, I would like to leave the Roomzes with a more sweet than bitter last few weeks of living with moi.

oranges & berriesin the jarI try to make up for it to my roommates in the only way I know how–culinary treats. So far, it’s working. It started with the aforementioned sangrias, and there are biscotti (!) and noodles to come.

side viewI made this sangria based on what was in the house. I was more than a little skeptical of the Roomz II’s contribution of Moscato, but it worked! Especially when combined with the spiciness of ginger beer (not ginger ale–ginger beer is way more flavorful and delicious). Here’s my take on an icebox sangria, but I encourage you to try anything. The only fruit that seems like it would be really horrible in a sangria (that I can think of) is banana–ew, mushy.

outside close upglassWhite Wine Ginger Sangria
Makes 4 drinks, really serves 1-2, heh…

1 medium-large orange, sliced thinly horizontally, then in half moons
½ pound of sliced strawberries
Handful pitted cherries, sliced in half
Handful blackberries
1 bottle (750 ml) Moscato, or other sweet white wine
2 bottles (12 oz.) ginger beer

1. Prepare fruits and layer in pitcher. Add moscato and stir, muddling and smashing up fruits a bit with a wooden spoon. Let sit at least 1 hour–I bet you could leave it all day, but let’s be serious–at room temperature.

2. To serve, put ice cubes in four glasses, fill halfway (or more) with sangria. Put some fruit in each glass, if desired. Finish each glass with a half bottle of ginger beer. Serve with a straw! Goodnight.


The Roomz II called this “heaven in a glass.”

outside jar


  1. What a beautiful drink to serve at parties! I’m totally doing this 🙂

    1. Good idea! You can double it (or 3x or 4x) easily. I think you could double the liquid without adding extra fruit if you let it sit a bit longer and stir a few times while its sitting. Make sure to add the ginger beer at the last minute.

  2. I will try it this weekend. Sounds heavenly!

    1. Yeah, I want to try mango in it soon, too.

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