5 Professional Kitchen Tools You Need [Video]

In the last month, my husband and I packed up our house and moved. Since packing took several days, I boxed up most of the kitchen equipment and was with left the essentials: a cutting board, two knives, a spatula, tongs, a cookie sheet, a cast iron skillet, a saucepan, and a few other items. It all had to fit into one box at the last minute.

Most normal people would probably just pack up the entire kitchen and order takeout for a day or two. Not me. Every time I twisted on the electric stove or flipped on the hood, shouldering boxes out of the way and pushing aside rolls of bubble wrap, I wondered if it would the last time I cooked in that house. I envisioned us in ten years, maybe driving down the road or coming in from out of town, pulling up to the house and saying, “That’s where Ted and I met.” I wanted to remember the last thing I cooked there–to make it special. (In case you’re interested, it was almost sardine pasta, but I made a safer batch of Marcella Hazzan’s perfect tomato sauce at the last minute, just to inject some normalcy.)

In the process of paring down the kitchen, I realized that many of the kitchen tools left over were items I discovered in a professional restaurant setting, and also that many of my readers might not have heard of some of my favorite tools. I think that so much of the choice between cooking or ordering supper depends on how much of a hassle you imagine it will be to cook. If I can tell you about some tools to make cooking more streamlined and less stressful (prompting you to cook at home more frequently), then I’m doing something. So that’s what led to this video. I just wanted to help, really.

It definitely wasn’t all the coffee I had. Nope.

I did this for you.

Sooooo, watch the video. It’s two parts informative and one part proof that no one in her right mind would give me a microphone. Suckers.


Here are the products I talk about in the video:

16” Tongs

These are good too.

WMF Profi Plus 15-Inch Stainless Steel Wire Skimmer/Ladle

Full-size Aluminum Sheet Pan

Bakers & Chefs Foodservice Film -12in x 3,000ft

Digital Scale

Here are some online kitchen supply shops:

The Webstaurant Store…lol, webstaurant

Ace Mart

Amazon Food Service and Restaurant Supply

Many more!


  1. Do knives! Do knives!

  2. […] Note: You’ll need a scale for this!! I did warn you. See => 5 Professional Kitchen Tools You Need […]

  3. definitely the cast iron skillet… and I agree. DO KNIVES!

    1. I know! The cast iron is great! Thanks for stopping by!

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