Best of #CakeDay [October]


How would your life be different if you could take your first bite of lunch without a stitch of worry? What if you could consider seconds without also considering your waistline? What if you could be trusted in the same room with a Halloween sack full of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups? Oh, maybe that last one is just me.

These days, “food” isn’t just what you eat for dinner. It’s also what half the world is lacking, a possible source of hidden gluten, an enormous system that destroys the environment, something that might make you fat (le sigh) or give you a weird allergic reaction.

It’s funny. Food is as necessary to life as oxygen, but most people don’t spend hours every day thinking about breathing, worrying about it, wondering if it’s killing us or destroying the earth or giving you zits…you get it.

I had an idea. What if I created a spot on the Internet where food is awesome? Not a place where I ignore all those big conversations around food, but a place where food is more exciting than it is scary. Something that fills you up, makes you well, keeps you alive, brings you together with people, and is…um…delicious. What if food could become a source of joy in your life again?

Maybe I’m not speaking for everyone. I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there who don’t obsess about all the problems surrounding food, but for those of us who do, I think it’s easy to start to lose something in all that noise – something really simple and human about enjoying food.

What did I do to create this amazing joyous space, you ask? I made cake. That’s it. And gnocchi one time. This month, I started a new habit on CrandleCakes – I post a cake every Monday, thereby renaming it #CakeDay, and giving you permission to (1) eat cake, (2) stare at cake, (2) not ask how many calories are in cake, (4) make a cake for your mom and enjoy it while she has her tea, (5) eat an extra slice of cake when no one is looking.

You’re not fooled. You and I both know it’s only a matter of time before I say the word “vegan” again, and I know I can’t just think of food as a celebration, because that would lead to me eating the entire sack of Reese’s, and that never ends well.

But maybe for 3 minutes on a Monday, we can just ooh and ahh over cake, and think about how awesome cake is in general. Just an idea. Make sure you tell Oprah.

Your favorite cake recipe of the month:



A fine choice. Who doesn’t love a cupcake? And this recipe is the perfect way to showcase some fresh applesauce. You could even make em with pear sauce.

Your second favorite cake of the month:



Honestly, I’m surprised this one didn’t win. I know how y’all are about pumpkin. In case you missed em, you’ll want to check out these Pumpkin Spice Pop Tarts too. Yerp.

Your third favorite cake of the month:



Confession: I ate half of this cake on my own, and then rolled around the floor clutching my stomach and groaning. This is a public service announcement, you CAN take #CakeDay too far.

Your fourth favorite cake of the month:



Look, I know I’m really stretching the definition of “cake” here, but you won’t mind once you chomp into one. You could really think of these muffins as naked cupcakes. That would be more celebratory.

Tell me:

What cake are you dreaming of seeing on CrandleCakes? Do you want to see a vegan version of something? I’m all about the veganizing right now. Or pershmaps you want to talk about something other than cake (lol, right). A pie, maybe?

And here’s an amazing idea I just had (I didn’t say this would be a humble space): make cakes and hashtag the heck out of them with #CakeDay, and then I will see them! And we will have a special connection. Not in a creepy way. Just in a fun, bloggy way.

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