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Banana Dream Ice Cream

On Monday, after the tragedies at the Marathon, I thought there was no point in posting photos of food or blithering on about the merits of roasting garlic in the skin or slicing meat on the bias. It seemed so unimportant. On Wednesday, after the explosion in West, TX, just miles away from my fiancé […]

Ice Cream Sandwiches! (squeal)

When I was a kid, I thought that ice cream sandwiches were born. I never thought about how things were made. “Chicken nugget” referred to a crunchy, dippable entity that had no relation to the hens I had seen pecking around at my friend’s ranch. American cheese arrived in slices. It wasn’t cut from blocks, […]

Adventures in Cities + Travel Recovery Italian White Beans

A couple weeks ago, Teju Cole, author of Open City (2011), came to Boston College to talk about his novel, his photographs, and his relationship with cities. He is one of those writers who seems to be professionally cool. Cole returned from the Congo only a few days before his visit to BC, and he […]

Tex-Mex Chips and Dips

People. I don’t care about football, and I’m not afraid to say so. I’m not one of those who doesn’t know anything about it and comments on their uniform designs asks what the lines on the ground mean. I’m even learning about the little flags and two-point conversions (maybe), but I can spend a remarkable […]

Simple Short Cookies

Or, Academia: A Love Story. In grad school, every reading, every discussion, every low-stakes assignment is designed to make you feel like an ignoramus. Not true, but it does make sense that we can’t do our best work if we’re too complacent with our own intelligence. I think the atmosphere is designed to put you […]

Adventures in Profiteroles

It’s time for some balance. I wish it were true that as soon as the spiral of finals ended, I was immediately back in the kitchen at home, trying out recipes and figuring out how to use this camera. Instead, after staying awake for forty-eight hours writing about George Eliot and Virginia Woolf and taking […]

Take Me Home, Country Road

I knew this day would come. I involved powertools in dinner prep! To make a holiday side dish, no less. Who would have thought? I’m back in Texas for the week, and I’ve already gorged. More later on shrimp taco salad, my signature guacamole, and the infamous, ubiquitous chile con queso. For now, here’s a […]

Midnight Special

They say that nothing good happens after midnight. It’s “the witching hour,” according to the Roomz. I guess I’m just going to take a risk, though, and write my TENTH POST(!) in the wee small hours of the night. I’ll wait to post it till mid-Saturday, for your viewing convenience.I’m two weeks into the grad […]

Feed Me, Seymour

Okay, this week has been everywhere. Last Sunday, we were preparing for a hurricane–filling the bathtubs and all our pots with water, stocking up on candles and matches, eating all the perishables, hoarding non perishables, moving the cars away from the trees. We were lucky–nothing but a few branches down on our lot, and all […]