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Shorty’s Files: How It All Began

Below: No recipes today–a trip down memory lane. Since settling back in here, I’ve had to figure out where I fit in at the restaurant. I’ve been reluctant to call myself “co-owner” or “co-manager,” and I’ve felt especially weird about “co-founder.” It has been easier to use a verb, to say, “I run a restaurant […]

Pear Sauce Spice Cake + Homemade Pear Sauce

It’s that time of year when people start talking about the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I kinda think that pumpkin smells like vomit (ask my mom how squeamish I got during pumpkin carving as a kid), which is a little funny, since my birthday is on Halloween. When I was born, my mom kept saying, […]

Oven Dried Tomatoes in Three Acts, plus some tips

“If life gives you tiny beautiful yellow farmers market tomatoes, turn them into a lifeless sticky pulp.” This is the type of thought that made sense to me after I purchased a pint of these babies less than 24 hours before leaving town for 5 days. “Juicy wonderful gushy tomatoes? Yes! I’ll dry them out […]