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Back from Bham: Reflections on the Creative Life

I spent last weekend at a food blog conference. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, a “food blog conference” is an actual thing now. Imagine knowing that fifteen years ago–that there would be a phenomenon called a “food blog” and whole conferences just for people who have them! The keynote speaker was Molly […]

Blogging from Bham: Day 1 and Visiting Veranda on Highland

Blogging from Bham. The food blog conference is in full swing, and after a day of intensive food photography and styling and a pretty sweet preparty, complete with pimiento and chicken ‘n’ waffles, I’m really looking forward to the main events tomorrow. Today at the conference, I got to meet a ton of other food […]

Blogging from Bham

I’m in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend, friends. Excuse the break from tradition this evening while I share travel tales instead of recipes. I have to admit, when I signed up for Food Blog South, it was the conference that lured me, not necessarily the town. Before coming here, I didn’t know a whole lot about […]

America’s Test Kitchen Tour + Fresh Strawberry Pie

You might be under the impression that academia is a long sentence of secluded study, a sinking deeper and deeper into a straight backed chair while cobwebs collect around your ankles, the world spins on outside, and you try to understand French literary theory to no avail. I’m not going to say you’re wrong, but […]

Boston Food Truck Throwdown

Hi kids! No recipes today (and that means no work for you). Just sit back and check out these photos from a day out in Boston. Saturday there was a Food Truck Throwdown on the Greenway in Boston. Nine trucks came from New York and nine represented ye olde Boston towne. There was voting, but […]

Happy Spring Salad

Spring is here, and so am I! My last semester as an MA student (fingers crossed) is in full swing. After a relaxing weekend on Long Island with the Roomz’s wonderful family, I spent a whirlwind week preparing for the ACIS conference in Chicago. I just got back from Chicago last night, and the twilight […]

Adventures in Cities + Travel Recovery Italian White Beans

A couple weeks ago, Teju Cole, author of Open City (2011), came to Boston College to talk about his novel, his photographs, and his relationship with cities. He is one of those writers who seems to be professionally cool. Cole returned from the Congo only a few days before his visit to BC, and he […]

Albuquerque Green Chile Sauce

I’m signed up to attend a massive writing conference in Boston this week. These “literary events,” as I have dubbed them in my head, are one of the major things I’ll miss about ye olde Beantown. I’ve never been in a more literary city–including Paris, though I was only there for three days and visited […]

Warm Salmon Vichyssoise with Crispy Pancetta

Aloha and Happy New Year, friends! I spent my turn of the year in a plane over the Pacific–how about you? I’m checking in just before my flight back to ye old Bostontown. Since I talked to you last, I spent a week in Maui (!) and a week back in Waco working at this […]

I’m Old Fashioned

As promised, I spent last weekend in New Hampshire at the Redhook Brewery’s Oktoberfest in Durham. If you want to understand New Hampshire, know this: country is country, whether it’s up here in the Arctic or down in Texas. I expected the drive to be nothing but fall foliage, occasional ocean views, and pastoral scenery. […]