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Carrot Cake, the easy way {vegan}

Today I had one of those “oops” moments. Those moments that people talk about later by writing this: Take foot. Insert into mouth. Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But do you ever catch yourself doing or saying something you thought you were beyond? Like implying on live radio that woman = emotional basketcase, or contemplating […]

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Vegan, GF)

For a while, I’ve been telling myself I need to learn to cook meat. I mean, I know the basics. I know about marinating meat, breading meat, seasoning it, letting it come to room temperature before cooking it. I know basic cooking temperatures for different meats and poultry. I know about cuts of meat and […]


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Deb’s Buttered Popcorn Cookies

Happy Sundays. I’ve been listening to Macklemore all day and trying out a few recipes. My friend (and maid of honor!) gave me Deb’s smittenkitchen cookbook for Christmas. Since I first flipped through it, I’ve been meaning to try her popcorn cookies. If any of you read smitten kitchen, you know that Deb has this […]

Adventures in Profiteroles

It’s time for some balance. I wish it were true that as soon as the spiral of finals ended, I was immediately back in the kitchen at home, trying out recipes and figuring out how to use this camera. Instead, after staying awake for forty-eight hours writing about George Eliot and Virginia Woolf and taking […]

Getting Some Fun Out of Life

When I say “Southie,” is this what you think of?Me either, but here lies a segment of West Broadway. Once again, I’ve had to face the fact that watching Good Will Hunting twenty-three times has not made me an expert on this city. I’m sure some real locals will tell me that I wasn’t actually […]

So Long, Sweet Summer

Anyone who has ever started blogging knows what the first post is like. In your head swirl petty concerns–will I come off like a sweet, charming, young blogger? Will I come off like a demeaning loser? Will they get that my header is a joke? Will they get any of my jokes? Will too many […]