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I’m Old Fashioned

As promised, I spent last weekend in New Hampshire at the Redhook Brewery’s Oktoberfest in Durham. If you want to understand New Hampshire, know this: country is country, whether it’s up here in the Arctic or down in Texas. I expected the drive to be nothing but fall foliage, occasional ocean views, and pastoral scenery. […]

Les Feuilles Mortes

Okay, this is the first and last post with a French title. I promise! (maybe one can only hope wouldn’t rule it out?). Fall is in the air, folks. Don’t worry! I’m not going to go all sissy, sappy, American-Beauty-oh-the-electricity-in-the-air-can’t-you-see-it-in-the-plastic-bag on you. I do want to talk about autumn, though. If you’re from Texas, “fall” […]